HIMpros: Helping to Bridge the Gap in Hospital Registries and HIM Departments

Daniel CasciatoSouth Florida Hospital News

Finding ways to recruit and retain top talent in healthcare has never been more critical three years after a worldwide pandemic. However, with a heavy emphasis on recruiting and retaining the best talent, Florida-based HIMpros is well-equipped to help healthcare companies navigate this challenging market.

Founded by Betsy Johnson, the small, woman-owned, and minority-certified healthcare staffing company specializes in recruiting before a position becomes available, ensuring a solid pipeline of candidates and offering options for potential staff to hire.

HIMpros is dedicated to providing top talent to its clients and resources for consultants to continuously improve and grow within the organization. Johnson understands that flexibility, retention, and resilience are critical to maintaining and hiring top talent in this environment.

Two of their specialized areas include cancer registries and trauma registries.

Cancer registries are maintained by trained cancer registrars, who collect, analyze, and report cancer-related data to various organizations, including hospitals, government agencies, and research institutions. The data collected in cancer registries is vital in helping to improve cancer care and prevention efforts.

Like cancer registries, trauma registries are maintained by trained trauma registrars, who collect, analyze, and report trauma-related data to various organizations, including hospitals, government agencies, and research institutions. The data collected is vital in helping to improve trauma care and prevention efforts.

Johnson emphasizes a high demand for qualified individuals who can abstract cancer and trauma records and those who can perform inpatient and outpatient coding.

“We offer contract work for healthcare staffing, mostly placing people who can code cancer records, trauma records, inpatient outpatient coding, QA auditing, and clinical documentation improvement,” she explains. “We look for hospitals that need help with their registry or HIM Department and then place qualified people on contract to do the work.”

Johnson mentions that HIMpros is trying to create a supportive and positive work culture, recognizing the value of their employees and consultants.

“We want to show that we truly appreciate them by sending out little cards and thank yous and spotlighting our consultants who are doing a great job,” she says. “We want to create a work environment like a big family, where everyone works, plays, and respects and appreciates each other.”

To help promote her business and reach out to cancer registrars, Johnson and her team plan to attend the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) annual conference in San Diego in May this year.

The four-day event provides a unique opportunity for cancer registry professionals and other healthcare professionals to explore the latest innovations and challenges facing the cancer registry field today. The conference also provides education opportunities, with speakers from the American College of Surgeons and other organizations and access to continuing education credits. The meeting is typically attended by about 1,500 people from hospitals and some physician groups nationwide, says Johnson.

Attending the NCRA annual conference offers many advantages for vendors such as HIMpros. It provides an opportunity to connect with cancer registrars and potential clients, showcase products and services, participate in educational sessions and workshops, explore exhibitors, and stay up to date with industry trends and advancements.

According to Johnson, the conference is an excellent opportunity for those involved in cancer registry to come together and promote excellence in data collection, analysis, reporting, and quality management of cancer patients and survivors.

Johnson notes they will participate as an exhibitor, seeking cancer registrars to work for them and potential clients who need their help. HIMpros will also set up a virtual booth for those planning to attend virtually.

As HIMpros continues to grow, they hope to positively impact the healthcare industry and the lives of those they work with. They are committed to recruiting and retaining top talent in healthcare and creating a supportive and positive work culture that recognizes and appreciates their employees and consultants’ value.

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