The Value of Transparency and Open Communication

Building strong partnerships begins with clear communication and collaboration. These two activities are the most important factors to gain and build solid, positive working relationships. One company that understands this well is HIMpros, a leading niche healthcare staffing firm based in West Florida.

What are the key principles of partnership?

According to Betsy Johnson, Founder & CEO of HIMpros, “The key principles of a partnership are being open, creating trust and a full understanding of the shared goals and values, along with regular transparent communication.”

In a true partnership, respect is present, and power is shared. Success is measured by actively listening and effectively working together to provide a solution for a common goal or specific challenge. “You must be able to understand and work with a diverse group of organizations and move strategically together to collaborate and achieve results,” she adds.

Johnson and her team are focused on their commitment of transparency, communication, quality, and consistent reporting practices that add value and help improve outcomes. HIMpros considers this relationship as a strategic partnership.

“We have always maintained solid relationships with our business partners,” says Johnson. “I know this sounds old-fashioned, but it is easier to help a friend than a stranger, because you know their style, understand their business and you care about the results and outcomes.”

What drives HIMpros to be transparent?

It came from listening to client struggles over the years and realizing there is a better way. It became obvious to Johnson that leading with her core values was not only being true to herself, but true to the commitment that she made to her community when she started HIMpros.

“We are committed to being transparent about our charges and what it will take to get the work done on time,” she explains. “There are no hidden agendas or underlying motivations. We are truly here to help.”

HIMpros recognizes the need to adapt and embrace change as the healthcare landscape evolves. Johnson acknowledges the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the healthcare staffing arena yet insists that maintaining personal connections and relationships remains top priority in a tight-knit community like health information and registry healthcare staffing.

Through their dedication to effective communication and collaboration, Johnson says that HIMpros will continue to contribute to the success of healthcare organizations and help to ensure the delivery of high-quality data which supports the best available patient care and outcomes.

“Isn’t that why we are all here?” says Johnson.

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