The Advantages of Partnering With a Nationwide Talent Provider Like HIMpros for Healthcare Staffing Needs

Daniel CasciatoSouth Florida Hospital News

Ensuring high-quality healthcare relies heavily on finding suitable staffing; that’s where HIMpros comes to the rescue. Based in South Florida, this niche staffing agency provides facilities and organizations with the perfect talent to ensure patients are in good hands.

As a unique agency which has chosen to specialize in a small yet significant subset of healthcare specialists, HIMpros focuses on providing services related to cancer registry, trauma registry, coding, and CDI. They have established themselves as an invaluable resource for healthcare facilities and organizations nationwide looking for reliable staff that meets their needs while helping them follow all regulatory requirements.

Unlike other healthcare specialists, they have built a strong team of cancer registrars, trauma registrars, and coders. The CEO and founder, Betsy Johnson, stands out due to her fierce dedication to forming client relationships. She values her internal team and consultants as if they were family.

HIMpros also understands the importance of creating a sense of trust and support for their staff, ensuring their clients feel confident, comfortable, and ready to tackle any problem. As a result, HIMpros has become more than just an agency; it is a dependable partner in helping its clients succeed. According to Johnson, their agency is different from others because they “focus on a minimal subset of healthcare data management specialists” and have a “solid group of cancer registrars and trauma registrars as well as HIM coders.”

HIMpros stands out from other healthcare staffing agencies in the industry for its niche specialization in cancer registry, trauma registry, coding, and CDI. Their team is passionate about providing a tailored experience for every consultant they hire. In addition, they go the extra mile to ensure their consultants are adequately trained and supported.

Besides their niche specialization, Johnson notes that their partners want to feel supported and know they have a trusted advisor in HIMpros.

“We want to be a partner for our clients to make them feel comfortable,” she says. “We want to provide solutions and meet them where they are.”

Technology is vital in improving efficiency and patient care in today’s healthcare landscape. HIMpros recognizes this and has integrated technology into its services.

“We’re very active in growing our team,” adds Johnson. “We have a core group of experts to accommodate your every need. So, when you come to us, you’re really coming to a trusted advisor who can help provide what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.”

The benefits of partnering with a nationwide talent provider like HIMpros include access to an extensive network of specialized professionals with years of experience in the field.

Furthermore, they emphasize building relationships by highlighting top-performing consultants. This commitment to fostering solid connections allows them to better understand client and consultant needs and provide effective solutions.

HIMpros’ thorough screening and hiring process for healthcare professionals ensures they partner with the best talent.

“We do multiple interviews with them,” emphasizes Johnson. “We review their background and experience and go over their resume. Our recruiters discuss any desired career advancements, professional development and if they’re interested in furthering their education within their field.

HIMpros’ success is evident in their successful partnerships with healthcare facilities and organizations. Johnson shared several examples, such as a hospital that had a large backlog and had gone through several contract companies before partnering with HIMpros. As a result, they cleared the backlog and even helped them transition to outsourcing their registry work.

Looking forward, Johnson sees challenges in the healthcare staffing industry, particularly with the shortage of healthcare professionals.

“We already need more CTRs. There are enough trauma registrars and coders available, but the challenge is that many people are retiring. We feel there are not enough students aware of this industry so we have to get the word out. As the needs increase at hospitals nationwide, there will not be enough specialists to meet this demand.”

However, even as healthcare staffing faces challenges in the coming years, HIMpros remains committed to bridging the gap and ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary support to provide quality data and accurate reporting.

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