Women CEOs: Mr. Wonderful Approved

Only 15% of healthcare industry CEOs are females as of 2022.  The continuously expanding healthcare field is occupied by 66% women in entry-level positions.  In years to come, it is predicted that the number of women in healthcare executive roles will continue to steadily increase. 

“I don’t have a single company run by a man right now that’s outperformed the ones run by women.” Kevin O’Leary, famous investor and Shark Tank star, says female CEOs in his personal business portfolio of 50+ companies are outperforming men tenfold.  When he asked one of his women CEOs the secret sauce that is sending these women to the top of the charts.  “She said to me, ‘You know, if you want to get something done, give it to a busy mom,'” he recalled. “It kind of makes sense, right?”  

It does make sense, Mr. Wonderful. And that is exactly who is taking TheHIMpros straight to the top.  Betsy Johnson, single mother of two sons, is the CEO & Founder on a mission to be one of the first female-led healthcare staffing firms to make waves across the country. This busy mom has an impressive portfolio of healthcare staffing success stories including growing a business division that sold for a whopping $160M.  We asked her some questions about her recipe to success is, and her answers might surprise you.

The HIMpros are gearing up to make a woman empowered impact across the heathcare staffing industry. As Mr. Wonderful said, “women don’t waste time.”

When asked what inspired her to start her own firm, she said. “I wanted the opportunity to make a company that truly cares about showing up for their people and treating every single person like part of my family.  I wholeheartedly care about the success of every individual and I plan to make every effort to continue to show that.”  According to Forbes, ‘Women-led companies seem to be better at inspiring belief in their products or services, leading to more overall employee engagement, when compared to male-led companies.’  Employees are inspired, engaged and valued by women-led companies. “Our goal is to be an accountable partner to everyone we work with. To clients – a resource to quickly help them achieve their goals.  To candidates – an advocate for them to reach their fullest potential.  To my internal staff – the ability to innovate, grow and thrive.”  Johnson said.   

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